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Meet Our Team

We are located in Blaine, MN and welcome local customers to pick up orders, or stop by to shop.


Kris Opsal - Owner & Designer
All of the amazing designs you see are either designed by, or arranged by, Kris. After over five years in this business, Moon Beam is currently being ran out of Kris' garage, giving her more time to spend with her littles.

Char Matthews - Customer Engagement Specialist
Char is the heart of our Facebook group. She's there to get you talking about everything from upcoming designs to what's for dinner!

Anna Clark - Samples Coordinator
Keri works with our amazing Brand Ambassadors team to ensure our fabrics are represented in all their glory to promote our pre-orders and retail.

Angela Penna - Group Moderator
Lovingly nicknamed Sparkles, Angie is an electrical apprentice by day. She has better dad jokes most dads, so we keep her around for the entertainment. Angie helps us with everything from cutting to shipping to design inspiration.

Amanda Craves - Group Moderator
Amanda is in charge of approving members and group posts in all our groups. If you have a question, she'll tag someone to help you!

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